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Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.

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Carrefour Papillon

Close to two thousand specialiazed resources across Quebec

The Carrefour Papillon Documentation Centre was created by the Quebec Society for Disabled Children to respond to the numerous requests for all sorts of information which we receive every day from parents of children with physical or intellectual disabilities as well as from various organisations, schools, CLSCs and the general public.

This reference and information service provides information on the major resources available across Quebec pertaining to physical, intellectual and visual disabilities, and also concerning orthopaedic equipment, specialised camps and schools, day camps, employment, respite residences, respite babysitting, lodging, recreation, transportation, clothing and others.

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If you wish to consult Carrefour Papillon to obtain information, you can send us your inquiry by filling out the form here below. We will make the necessary research and reply as soon as possible.

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