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Nothing is impossible
The Magic of Camp Papillon

Welcome to one of the leading vacation camps for children with disabilities in North America. Located 40 kilometres north of Joliette on a 40-acre peninsula on the shores of Lake Pierre, Camp Papillon welcomes every year approximately 700 campers during regular stays.

Every summer, the whole team of Camp Papillon offers these youngsters living with a disability the opportunity to intensively enjoy life in the great outdoors. The mission of the team is simple: to ensure the happiness and well-being of the campers by sharing with them "The Magic of Camp Papillon."

The Magic of Camp Papillon is…
For our campers, it is the chance to experience life in the great outdoors within a veritable small community in the company of many other campers and counsellors who are there to share unforgettable moments with them. For these campers, the magic of Camp Papillon is also to realise that “nothing is impossible” and that no matter what their disability, many accomplishments are within their reach, such as creating a clay statuette, chasing pirates in the forest or becoming a star player in a hockey game.

For the team, the magic of Camp Papillon is to have the feeling, at the end of the summer, of not having worked. Of course, the days are intense, sometimes physically difficult, but to spend the day in the company of our campers is not real work. The youngsters we care for are unique, colourful, and generous. Many counsellors say so: “When all is said and done, the campers gave me much more than anything I could have given them this summer." The magic of the Camp is also community life experience, team work, the possibility of discovering your strengths and abilities in a unique life context. No one ever comes back unchanged after a summer at Camp Papillon!

Finally, for the volunteers who sometimes come from far away to help out, the magic of Camp Papillon is the pleasure that comes from self-sacrifice for the cause of children with disabilities. During the Papillon Work Bees, where more than 500 volunteers gather at Camp to prepare the site to welcome the children, a joyful spirit of festivity prevails, and smiles are on every lips. Without the volunteers, the magic of Camp Papillon would not be what it is today.

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