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Residence & Auberge Papillon
To change the daily routine

For twenty-five years, Residence and Auberge Papillon have been working in the community with only one goal: to significantly improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their family by offering them a stimulating and warm respite service.

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Our history
The Quebec Society for Disabled Children opened its first respite residence on November 1st, 1985 at 2300 René-Lévesque Boulevard West in Montreal. The objective of this new resource was to enable the parents to stop and take advantage of a beneficial respite while giving the children the opportunity to socialise and to participate in stimulating activities in a warm environment.

Twenty-five years have gone by since the Residence’s first steps. Through the years, the Residence progressed steadily enabling a greater number of families to benefit from its support. This respite service, which was only offered on week-ends in the beginning, is now open all year round, seven days a week. In 1997, Residence Papillon could not meet increasing requests from parents. It was then that the Society decided to further develop the service. On January 16, 1998, Auberge Papillon was established and welcomed the first children in its facilities located in Verdun. Auberge Papillon, the Residence’s little sister, is dedicated to hosting multi-disabled children and offers week-end respites.

A second family for hundreds of children
Residence and Auberge Papillon are part of the daily lives of more than 200 families in the Greater Montreal area. For hundreds of parents who appeal to our services every year, Residence and Auberge Papillon are first an opportunity to stop and take a breather. It is also the assurance of entrusting their children, their most valuable treasures, to people who, day after day, will lovingly take care of them as if they were their own.

For the children and adolescents who stay at the Residence and Auberge for a few days, it is an opportunity to get together among friends whom they don’t have the chance to see outside of school. They also find a family environment in the company of counsellors who, while endowed with the maternal and paternal instincts seeking above all the well-being of their proteges, also have the energy of the youngsters they take care of daily.

To spend a few days at Residence and Auberge Papillon is also an opportunity to change their routine and to participate in lots of activities, from simple ones to more stimulating ones. Strolls through the neighbourhood, arts and crafts, dancing, lively hockey games, and treasure hunts in the company of fantastic characters from the four corners of the earth are but a few of the activities which make the days of the little ones and older children alike, simply unforgettable.

To learn more about us...
To learn more on the daily life at Residence and Auberge Papillon, we invite you to visit the section Our little family.

If you wish to register your child at the Residence or at the Auberge, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide all information pertaining to your child’s registration. If you wish, a visit is also possible on appointment.

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The team of Residence and Auberge Papillon.